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Fun Things To Do In Rural Arkansas

Posted on 16 December 2018 by admin (0)

For many people in the world the city life is all they have known here are some of the country things you can do in Arkansas.

 ATV riding

 ATV riding can be a great sport for the whole family to enjoy together.  Or even a romantic getaway for a couple.  There are many ATV parks trails and places to ride in Arkansas the possibilities are endless.  You could pay entry to an ATV park or even drive down the road from your house in the country and hit that mud hole on the side of the road.  There are also many unused roads in Arkansas that nobody ever go down.  These roads over the years have washed out in been made into great trails that are fun to ride on ATVs.  Always remember to wear your helmet though as many injuries have referred in this sport.  There  are many options available for ATV dealers here in Arkansas such as Yamaha.


 Fishing is a Pastime enjoyed by millions of people around the world.  People of all ages can enjoy fishing so it is a great  activity to take the family out to do.  Being fun it can also feed everybody.  There are many lakes and rivers in Arkansas to fish on.   Greer’s Ferry Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, the White River, the Little Red River are just a few places in Arkansas to fish.  There is an immense variety of aquatic creatures to catch and eat here in Arkansas.  You can catch anything from fish to toads to frogs tadpoles Turtles and even a few alligators.  Arkansas is home to some world record fish caught here buy lucky Anglers.


 Hunting is a fun activity that you can do here in rural Arkansas.  This activity also can feed the whole family just like fishing.  It may not be for everybody because there can be a lot of blood sometimes.  Some people are very sensitive to the killing of animals.  For others it is just life and putting food on the table.  There are immense populations of whitetail deer all over Arkansas.  In many of the small towns deer are commonly found even in people’s yards.  Some are lucky enough to shoot a deer in their yard and not even have to make a special hunting trip.